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Building Use Guidelines

All groups using the facilities of the Grace United Methodist Church (GUMC) that are not part of the GUMC are expected to comply with the following guidelines.

  1. It is understood that GUMC-related activities such as funerals, funeral dinners, receptions, etc, will supersede outside group activities.

  1. Groups using GUMC must fill out the Facility Use Application Form, and must be approved, before using the facilities.  These groups will need to reapply yearly for the use of GUMC facilities which reoccur yearly. Forms are available at the Church office.

  1. The Trustees and members of GUMC are not responsible for any injuries which may occur as a result of a group’s activities, while the group is using the facilities of GUMC.

  1. The facilities will be only used for the purpose agreed upon in the Facility Use Application Form.

  1. Groups using the building are responsible for any damage they or their participants might cause.  A deposit of $100 is required to go against any damage done in the building. When the group is done using the building, this deposit will be returned if no damage has occurred.  Any damage must be reported to the church office (574)223-5619 as soon as possible or practical. If the damage is in an amount in excess of the deposit, the group will be required to reimburse the Church for the difference.

  1. Groups using the building are required to provide a current certificate of liability insurance, in an amount adequate to the organization’s activities and events.

  1. Rooms must be returned to the way they were before the group arrived unless special permission has been give. See the Class Room Check List for the use of specific rooms.

  1. Groups will follow the specific guidelines for the maintenance and cleanup of each room used. These guidelines will be supplied when a group requests permission to use the GUMC building/grounds.

  1. All groups using the building will enter and exit by the 7th Street Glass doors only, except in emergency or by special permission. Other doors are not to be used, and are not to be propped open or the locks defeated in any way.

  1. Events are to take place only in the area of the building where the room or rooms they have requested are located.

  1. Groups may use all hallways, stairways, restrooms, etc. that are practical for the event. Use of other areas is not allowed.

  1. Children and youth under the age of sixteen (16) must have proper adult supervision at all times.

  1. User groups are expected to either: A) dispose of their own trash, close windows, and doors, turn out lights upon leaving, and complete the specific check list for each of the rooms used, or B) Secure the services of our custodian for an additional fee. This must be approved prior to each event.

  1. No firearms, tobacco, alcohol, or illegal substance is allowed at GUMC at any time. Anyone caught with any of these will be asked to leave immediately and maybe reported to the proper authorities.

  1. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in your group being denied the use of the building in the future.

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